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Re: killie

On Sat, 31 Jan 1998 09:13:47 EST LawrenceT5 at aol_com writes:
>Although I agree with Robert Rice in singing the praises of North 
>killies and have raise some of the native Fundulus species in the 
>past, I must
>remark on some errors of ommision in his write-up.
>The last time I checked, Mexico was still considered part of the North
>American continent.  Mexico has a number of threatned, endangered, and 
>in some
>cases, extinct killies whose continued existence is due to the 
>diligence of
>killifish hobbiests.

I am aware that mexico is part of North America I however wanted to
concentrate on easily obtainable common species.....I firmly believe the
endangered threated species should be kept\bred by serious aquarist and a
general article like that usually is written for the novice. SO I did not
include any such species. I would also like to commend all those Aquarist
out there who are keeping the torch lit for so many endangered species
through domestic propegation.....

>The Alverezi Pupfish, Cyprinodon alverezi, is considered extinct in 
>the wild.
>This attractive, active fish get close to 2" long.  The males develop 
>irridescent bluish sheen to the body with sooty black unpaired fins.  
>The eat
>just about any live, frozen, or dry food and are easy to spawn in a 
>gallon tank.
>That's just one of the many Mexican fish that tend to get ignored by 
>those who
>concentrate exclusively on the United States when talking about North 

What commonly avaliable mexican killies would you reccomend ?

>Larry Tagrin
>Gaithersburg, MD

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