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Re: killie

Although I agree with Robert Rice in singing the praises of North American
killies and have raise some of the native Fundulus species in the past, I must
remark on some errors of ommision in his write-up.

The last time I checked, Mexico was still considered part of the North
American continent.  Mexico has a number of threatned, endangered, and in some
cases, extinct killies whose continued existence is due to the diligence of
killifish hobbiests.

The Alverezi Pupfish, Cyprinodon alverezi, is considered extinct in the wild.
This attractive, active fish get close to 2" long.  The males develop an
irridescent bluish sheen to the body with sooty black unpaired fins.  The eat
just about any live, frozen, or dry food and are easy to spawn in a 10-20
gallon tank.

That's just one of the many Mexican fish that tend to get ignored by those who
concentrate exclusively on the United States when talking about North America.

Larry Tagrin
Gaithersburg, MD