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"Jeff Fullerton" <tcmajorr at westol_com>: NANFA-- Cryptobranchidae

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Dear Vince

Sorry if I'm knocking Hellbenders a bit. 
When you said it was the uggliness that makes them so interesting I think
of a similar comment by R.D. Bartlett in his book "Insearch of Reptiles &
Amphibians" in the chapter about Hellbenders - he said when it comes to
collecting herps there are several categories - the rarest , biggest ,
smallest , most beautiful and the ugliest - the Hellbenders and their
relatives from the Orient fit into both the big & ugly categories which
makes them such a great conversation peice. 
According to Martin , they might be easier than I thought to ship them.
I'm not sure how easy it might be to find one small enough to ship. I may
be going out for Hellbenders this summer in the Youghioghenny watershed
where there are still reports of them from time to time. I actually owe a
friend who wants me to find one for him to photograph. Don't get your
up too much , but I will be on the lookout for the baby ones.

Since I'm more inclined toward smaller critters , those Necturus beyeri -
which I translate from Roger Conant as Gulf Coast Waterdog & the Lesser
Sierns sound interesting ! I would be curious to know the water chemistry
and other features of the Waterdog's natural habitat.   

Jeff From PA

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