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Majnipnor at aol_com: Hello Robert

Any help out there for this gentelman ?

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Subject: Hello Robert
Date: Thu, 20 Nov 1997 10:32:38 -0500 (EST)
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Hi Robert!

Was just finishing up reading my NANFA e-mail when your latest written
arrived in my mailbox.  I have been a NANFA member now for a few years
have been on-line with our e-mail network for several months.

I love your writing and applaud your energy in enlightening the world
NA native fishes.

You may not recall this, but I e-mailed you on a number of occasions
months ago asking for a practical way to get some sunfish.  We
with one another, I even included a brief history on myself to get you
"up to
snuff" with my fish-collecting skills.  At the time, I was a typical
fish collector but had always loved our local natives.

It was great having access to NANFA e-mail network because I have had the
opportunity to make contact with many interesting folks in our
 Mark Binkley and I still write regularly.

I was inspired by Mark's "go out there and get-um" enthusiasm when it
came to
local natives, so in September I went out with the wife and four kids and
caught some Bluegills (you know Lepomis sp.) and we have loved keeping
in one of my 55 gallon tanks.  The largest of them will actually jump
the water surface and take small redworms out of my hand!!

My problem is this.  I have had hip surgery this past June and am
to moving about with crutches.  (you should have seen me and the wife
fishing line and small hooks when we were cathing the bluegills - it was
hilarious!)  I need to know of a practical way to get some orange-spotted
longear (or both) sunfish to add to my wonderful natives. 

Mark has offered longears but currently they are 1-1 1/2" in length and
largest bluegill is over 4"!  I tried adding a few different minnow
(bought from a local bait shop) but the two inch variety (I think
were eaten by the bluegills over a one week period.  I now have four
inch minnows in the tank, but I don't know for how long.

Do you know of anyone who can "share" "sell" and ship 3-4" sunfish
spotted or longears or punkinseed).  One thing that makes it difficult
for me
is that I feel that I have nothing to trade for them in the Trading post.

Hopefully, by next summer, I will be less limited physically, and able to
collect on my own.  My family and I really enjoy our native beauties.  As
get more experience with the sunfish, I hope to convert my 110 gallon
over to natives.


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