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Negotiated a new deal with FAMA

Hello all,

Just got done negotiating a real sweet deal for NANFA with FAMA. FAMA
readers who join NANFA will get a Tommellerri print (just like NANFA
members were recently offered) FAMA is going to run an article of mine on
the flagfin shiner with some sneegas photos and a Tomelerrri print of the
flagfin shiner. AS a side bar they will run the special offer along with
some pics of some of the prints avaliable in the specieal offer.

This is a win win win scenario, FAMA gets to offer their readers a great
freebie, Joe get access to a new audience one he has been trying to crack
for a while (aquarist ) , NANFA finally gets some big time publicity
designed to get us new members for free !!!

Looks like this will come about in the Febuary issue  I will keep you

Robert Rice