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Charle5170 at aol_com: Re: NANFA-- squawfish

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Subject: Re: NANFA-- squawfish
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 13:38:45 -0500 (EST)
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My thoughts on squawfish.

First I agree with Jay DeLong re: coevolution etc.  Also, non-native
smallmouth bass are plentiful in the Columbia and Snake River systems
this month's In-Fisherman for example).  When I have caught and killed
fish for consumption, they're full of smolts, too.  Why don't we have a
bounty on them as well?  Well we all know why.

Further, removing the most predacious larger individuals from an
does not necessarily mean the total number of prey consumed will be
 In fact, that number can increase as large numbers of medium-sized
move into vacated feeding stations and eat voraciously to rapidly gain
and dominance.  Is this happening with squawfish?  No one knows for sure
the studies are not being conducted supposedly because there is a lack of
funding.  (That wouldn't be the same funds being paid out in bounty now

>From an observational standpoint only, there seems to be far fewer
anglers in the Lewiston, Idaho/Hells Canyon area now as the program loses

It is indeed the dams that have caused the problem of providing a near
habitat for for squawfish and smallmouth to the detriment of smolts who
wander down through slack water and endless rip rap to try and find the
ocean.  Easy pickins.

And what about carp?  Do we place a boutny on them for the countless eggs
they consume?  Why not open a commercial fishery for them?

This whole issue of squawfish bounties makes no sense once one examines
 It is just another way BPA shuffles money to the Joe Sixpacks of the
world to appease them and draw attention away from the extirpation of
and steelhead.  Frankly I'm surprised they haven't further introduced
and northern pike to make it go a little faster.

Remember that the longer consumptive economic interests putz around with
schemes like squawfish bounties, the more likely it is that salmon and
steelhead will not be recoverable and then there will be no more scrutiny
over the effect of dams.

Charlie Powell, Moscow, Idaho
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