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JHemdal at aol_com: NANFA-- pirate perch

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Subject: NANFA-- pirate perch
Date: Wed, 22 Oct 1997 11:59:25 -0400 (EDT)
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  Could you possibly point me in the direction of somebody who could
offer us
information regarding the captive breeding of pirate perch?  Ohio
Division of
Wildlife is working on a re-stocking program for these fish, (they are
state-endangered) and as a small adjunct to this, they supplied us with a
dozen fish and asked that we attempt to breed them.... I've never even
these fish alive before, much less tried to breed them, so my only effort
far has been to get them stabilized in the tank, and match the lowering
temperature and shortening photoperiod to that of their collection site.

  I downloaded a copy of your membership form and plan on joining NANFA. 
you know of anyone working with the introduced round goby, Neogobius
melanostomus, we have been working with these for around six years and
produced three generations from our original wild collected stock, (I
spawning and rearing notes to share if there is any interest).


Jay Hemdal
Curator of Fishes
The Toledo Zoo
(419) 385-5721 ext. 2002
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