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"Dwight D. Moody" <dwight.moody at mailexcite_com>: Re: NANFA-- pirate perch

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B.G. Granier keeps the database on members who have bred native species
and can put
you in touch with a successful breeder of pirate perch, which is listed
in the captive
breeding records in the Member Activities area of the NANFA site.

I am sure that he would be quite interested in your descriptions and
notes concerning
the breeding of the round goby, considering the dearth of information
the breeding habits of gobies as a group.  Knowing the habits of similar
is often a good starting point for work with a species whose breeding
habits are
unknown.  Thus, your work with an introduced species could be quite
valuable for
those persons working with native goby species or non-native, tropical
gobies, which
also are reputed to be quite difficult to spawn and/or raise fry
Dwight D. Moody
P.O. Box 214
East Montpelier VT  05651-0214
802-476-0685 (home), 802-241-3482 (work)
One of the earliest Christian symbols was the fish
(Greek: icthys, which was an abbreviation for the Greek
words in the phrase: Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior).
Thus, disciples could identify each other by their use
of the fish symbol, which continues to be used today.
Jonah was swallowed by a huge fish and remained
within it for three days and three nights. Afterwards,
he was "vomited" (literal translation) onto the beach
to go and minister to the people of Ninevah (Jonah 2:1-11).
While we often find references in aquarium books
concerning the first instances of fishkeeping
by humans, this appears to be the first instance
of humankeeping by a fish!

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