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Re: DaveCyndy at aol_com: NANFA-- Maryland Collecting

> The two sucker species are new to me, I would appreciate any info on
> feeding, habits, incapatibilities in a community tank(Long nose and black
> daces, stonerollers, satinfin shiners),  etc... . 

I have no experience with the first species but the White Sucker is very
common locally (Montana).  White sucker make very good community fish. 
Mine were totally non-violent, even at feeding time.  They are omnivores
and will eat what ever is offered.  I think it is important to see that
they get enough vegetable matter.  The only negative factor that I can
think of is their size.  The adult White Sucker is not a small fish.

Carl <chateaustripmin at mcn_net>