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DaveCyndy at aol_com: NANFA-- Maryland Collecting

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Subject: NANFA-- Maryland Collecting
Date: Fri, 12 Sep 1997 10:34:51 -0400 (EDT)
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Hello, I thought I would share results of a very abbreviated collecting
trip(9/10/97) on Catoctin Creek, in Frederick County, Maryland.  Catoctin
Creek is a mid sized  piedmont stream just west of Frederick, Maryland(30
miles N.W. of Washington D.C.). It is a tributary of the Potomac River. 
of limestone, mostly gravel and cobble bottom, alternate small riffles
shallow pools.  The "trip" was reduced to two pulls of the seine due to
lightning and darkness.  The two pulls yielded the following:

2 Juvenile(2.5") N. Hog Suckers - kept
2 Juvenile(2.5") White Suckers -  kept
Lots of Satinfin Shiners - turned loose - already have
Lots of Blacknose Daces - turned loose - already have
2 Central Stonerollers - kept
Several Creek Chubs -  turned loose - already have
Lots of Crayfish - turned loose
Lots of Tadpoles - - turned loose
Several unidentified shiners - possible species native to area include
Spotail shiner, swallowtail shiner, Rosyface shiner- ranges from
Fishes of the Carolinas, VA, MD, and DE"  Most closely resembles
on plate 13 of Petersons but unless this population is abnormally large,
size is wrong , several over 3" - Any suggestions on what I might have or
to eliminate candidates?

Other species present in creek collected or caught @ other times:
Smallmouth bass(they love a small deer hair bug floated against sycamore
Rock bass
Redbreast Sunfish
Longnose dace
greenside darter
Yellow bullhead
Golden Redhorse
Rosyside dace

The two sucker species are new to me, I would appreciate any info on
habits, incapatibilities in a community tank(Long nose and black nose
stonerollers, satinfin shiners),  etc... . 

Thanks very much,
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