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RE: NANFA-- (Fwd) Question -- Sunfish

Hi Robert....

First of all, I appreciate you sending your response to us and
not just to the discussion group, since we are -not- subscribed to
the list yet.  In fact, if any other responses appear, regarding
our questions, that we aren't specifically listed on, can you 
forward them please?

We are in Washington State...on the west side of the puget
sound...across from Seattle.  We found the fish in a man-made
lake, so it obviously was stocked there, somehow.  I read 
somewhere that Pumpkinseed are illegally stocked in WA 
state.  Sunfish are not native to our state (correct?) but some 
of the local fish guides list both Pumpkinseed and Bluegill.  I've 
seen several pictures of Pumpkinseed.....and there seems to 
be two different fish depicted...both called Pumpkinseed.  Ours
fits one of the pictures, so I'm almost certain we have ID'd 
correctly, at least as far as one of the types of Pumpkinseed
goes.  In addition to what I described previously, one more 
feature it has is wavy blue lines on it's face.  

Does Peterson's Field Guild include information on aquarium
care for native fish?  

Thanks again for your help....we are looking forward to 
learning more!


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On Mon, 28 Jul 1997 17:56:42 +0000 "Jay DeLong" <jdelong at nwifc_wa.gov>
>Here's a message I received from someone who apparently saw Bob 
>Bock's recent article:
>We found your webpage address in an article about Sunfish in a recent
>Aquarium Fish magazine.  We looked up the page seeking information on 
>fish we recently caught, and placed in an aquarium, a Sunfish found in 
>local man-made lake.  We believe the fish is a Pumpkinseed Sunfish but 
>aren't sure.  It's about 5 1/5 inches from nose to tip of tail, 
>it has a tourquoise blueish body, orange spots, a black 
>"ear" with a bright red spot on it, an orange belly and although our 
>fish doesn't seem to have it, others we've seen have bright blue fins 
>where ours is kinda light brownish fins.  

Where are you located ? THat would give us a better idea what Kind of
Sunnie we are lookinh at............

>We are desparate for information about the fish, what it eats, the 
>chemistry it prefers, it's exact scientific name, how to sex it, etc.  
>(So far, we've only been able to get it to eat cut-up earthworms.)
>Do you have any ideas about where to find such information?  

Try Petersons Field Guide to Native Fishes

Have you 
>had articles in your association newsletter about keeping 
>in an aquarium?  If so, how much are reprints?  We plan on joining 
>association, although it appears the closest local representative is 
>Oregon!  Ah, well.

NahhhhhhhhhhhhhThere are regional reps in most states join on up there
are lots of us :)
>We would appreciate any information, references, etc. you could 
>us.  Just point your finger and we'll go running as we need as much 
>information about this beautiful fish as possible in order to keep it 
>happy and healthy.  We were considering adding another fish or two, 
>want to wait until we know more about the needs and moods of this 
>Thank you for -any- help you can offer...and by the way, We are 
>this from a remote terminal, so please make sure you respond to our
>-correct- e-mail address:
>lisaa at sincom_com
>Thanks again!!
>Lisa & Joe
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