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Re: Linking with the Aquarium related websites....

Hi all,

I was just on the Fis Information Service website and saw that there were
no   links for the NANFA(North American native Fish Association
www.nanfa.org ) website or email list ...there was a very nice one though
on the Nanf list wich basically is nothing more than me cross posting
messages to the NANF list (90% of the messages most months) from the
NANFA email group.Anyhow can we get clearer links that make NANFA easier
to find Any ideas ...I also think a monthly listing of messages  from
this list onto Aquarium related websites would really make people get
interested...The NANF list seems to be dying out as it's originator no
longer has email so what do the members of NANF want to do.. ...I don't
mind cross posting but I would like to know if people are are both lists,
one list over the other or what......Do people want me to continue cross
posting....Is anyone still on the NANF list.......Is someone running the
list still ?

regards Robert Rice
The NANFA List is at nanfa at aquaria_net fyi :0

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