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mbinkley at earthling_net (Mark Binkley): Re: NANFA-- Sunfish Requirements

Robert Rice

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Subject: Re: NANFA-- Sunfish Requirements
Date: Thu, 17 Jul 1997 13:05:38 -0600
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>I have setup a 30 Gallon tank for sunfish (Bluegill, Pumpkinseed).  It
>currently has been running fluently for the past 2 months with 2 Guppies
>4 Blacknose Dace.  The tank contains some driftwood, stone, Anachris and
>some Pennywort.  The gravel is a dark brown and tan color and lighting
>minimal, one 24" 20 watt bulb.
>I will be collecting  these fish in the next week or two using the
>hook , bobber and earthworm method (I will definitely provide
>of this collecting trip or die).  The fish I intend to keep will be 1
1/2 to
>3 inch specimens.  Can anyone provide information/recommendations about
>Sunfish stocking levels for a 30 gallon, foods and any other bits of
>information?  Your responses will be much appreciated.  Thank you all.
>Michael Thennet


What kind of filtration/aeration are you using?  This may limit the fish
population.  I use powerheads on most tanks (one for a thirty gal) with
undergravel filter.  A power filter would be useful but not strictly
required.  If the dace and guppies are to remain, they will eventually
become prey for the sunnies.  Size is the controlling factor there.  I
would be willing to keep as many as six or seven, three-inch sunnies in a
thirty with good filtration.  Of couse this doesn't leave much room for
growth.  I guess you know that Bluegill and Punkin'seeds can get pretty
big- 7-10 in or so.  At full size, you would be doing good to keep two
together in a 30 gal.  Even this would bepend on the sex and temperment
the fish.  Breeding males are quite territorial.  Oh, they can start
breeding before reaching full size. Anyone have any experience with size
sexual maturity for these species?

I have found that bluegills will eat anything- I use commercial fish
flakes, sticks (Doromin).  The pumpkinseeds may need some training to
dry food.  You might have to start with freeze dried plankton,
and/or blood worms.  Some will take commercial food right away.  As far
nutrition goes, I believe those two are primarily carnivores (piscivores)
and like inverts (crawdads) and insects as well.

Mark Binkley
Columbus, Ohio, USA
mbinkley at earthling_net


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