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gsneegas at juno_com (Garold W. Sneegas): NANFA-- Re: Good news on Tulloch!

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Subject: NANFA-- Re: Good news on Tulloch!
Date: Mon, 07 Jul 1997 17:21:15 EDT
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On Mon, 07 Jul 1997 15:37:25 EDT "Larry Zuckerman" <uskanc2n at ibmmail_com>
>Hi river lovers:
>Larry Z.
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>From: Merritt Frey <cleanwaternt at igc_org>
>Subject: Good news on Tulloch!
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>The D.C. Circuit last week stayed the district court's invalidation of
>the Tulloch rule, the 1993 regulation that prohibits unpermitted
>draining of wetlands.  As a result of this order, the Tulloch Rule is
>back in place as the D.C. Circuit considers on the merits the
>government's appeal of the district court's ruling against the rule.
>Briefing of the case on appeal will be completed in the fall, with 
>argument to follow sometime thereafter.
>Issuance of this stay is super news and represents a significant 
>for the developers, since stays are hard to get.  While victory at the
>stay stage does not ensure victory on the merits (particularly since 
>panel of judges that issued the stay was an especially progressive 
>and a different panel will likely decide the case on the merits), it
>sure isn't a bad sign.  The stay should also take considerable steam 
>of the developers' efforts to use the invalidation of the Tulloch Rule
>as an excuse for Congress to legislate on wetlands.
>Immediately following the announcement of the stay, the Corps sent out 
>notice to its districts that the Tulloch Rule was back in effect.  
>is great -- the Corps is once again regulating excavation activites.
>For more information, contact Grady McCallie, NWF and Network Wetlands
>Work Group Co-chair, at mccallie at nwf_org or 202-797-6832.
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