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"Jay DeLong" <jdelong at nwifc_wa.gov>: NANFA-- Re: Sneegas' aluminum can observation

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Subject: NANFA-- Re: Sneegas' aluminum can observation
Date: Wed, 18 Jun 1997 12:44:42 +0000
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Garold Sneegas asked: 
> Does anyone of know if any potential problems with submerging aluminum
> an aquarium? I,ve noticed a lot of fish hanging around empty beer cans
> some of the streams I've been in.

No advice here, just a related observation.  

Possibly the rarest fish in the country is the Scioto madtom (Noturus 
troutmani I believe) named after Milton Trautman, the famous Ohio 
ichthyologist and author of the Fishes of Ohio.  The fish was last 
seen by Trautman in the late 50's (I think) in a tributary of the 
Scioto R called Big Darby Creek.  Since that time no stream in Ohio 
has been sampled as intensively as has the area where the fish was 
last found, but to no avail, and many people think the fish is 

When I was a student at Ohio State, my ichthyology class sampled the 
same creek, and we were given instructions to look inside submerged 
aluminum cans, because Trautman had collected the Scioto madtom 
inside such cans during in daylight hours.  That must have been a 
small fish.  Sure hope the aluminum didn't contribute to the 
extinction of the fish!

Jay DeLong

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