Re: collecting in FL

I would appreciate this seign law information also. 

I am also curious about the 'scientific collecting permit' you mentioned. I
am far from being a scientist when it comes to fish, but collecting and
observing native fish here in florida is one of my favorite indoor and
outdoor activities. I have always thought that there should be a distinction
between someone running a seign to collect as many fish possible for bait or
sale, and someone that intends to collect a few speciems for aquariums. I
suppose that the small numbers of native fish collectors has something to do
with the lack of recognition for our intentions. So, I guess my question to
you is: What is the scientific collecting permit intended for?, Who can
obtain one? What is the cost?, is the permit for fresh, and marine,
brackish, etc. My current procedure when confronted by officals is to
explain what I am doing, and then agree to do any thing they request,
whether they are right or wrong on interpreting the rules.


Bob Nawrocki

>A note on possible recent changes to the Florida collecting laws.  A few
>months back, I received my second warning about using a seign in enclosed
>water in Florida.  The first time, I supposed that my seign was too big (25ft
>bag seign).  This time, I was using a 6ft. seign.  Being threatened of
>seizure of my property, I left the area.  I had a scientific collecting
>permit for the state of Florida, but much to my grief it was two-weeks
>Escaping another run-in with those friendly Florida DNR types, I made safe
>passage to Alabama (where games wardens are figments of myth and legend).
>I would really like to hear, prefereably from a supervisor in the DNR, the
>rules on using a seign in the Sunshine State.