peter.unmack at ASU_Edu: Re: NANFA mail--Robert Rice: North American Killies article

There is now an Arizona-Nevada regional group being organized by Peter 
Unmack from the Zoology Department of Arizona State University.  Things 
will be happening in a fairly ad hoc fashion, thus if anyone is 
interested in some fish collecting please contact me as I make the odd 
excursion or two into the field in Arizona and southern Nevada (for all 
you folks in southern California) and anyone is welcome to join me.  
Email: peter.unmack at asu_edu or phone anytime at 602 965 1578.

Does that sound ok?  I'll be away for the better part of the next two 
weeks, so get back to me quickly if you want me to change anything.  All 
natives in AZ are illegal to keep in aquaria, thus I don't keep too many 
natives, mostly Australian desert fish.


Peter Unmack

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