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Re: NFC: aquatic plants

Thanks for the suggestions, guys.  I'll have to check out those KS 
references--they were new to me.  I've hit most of the usual options already 
(ie colleges, Division of Wildlife, extension agents, etc)... unfortunately 
everyone has been focusing for so long on the invasive weeds problems, 
everyone seems to have sortof forgotten what was here originally!  or at 
least, they don't write it down.  Anyone who's familiar with Co though knows 
our state policies are really messed up by anyone's standards.  Problems 
that come of having a group of politically appointed individuals (w/ zero 
background in anything relevant) who determine wildlife & parks policy...the 
poor Division biologists pull their hair out on a regular basis.  Okay, I'll 
stop whining now and go back to me research.


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