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NFC: officers

Its been my experience when they.re needed no one wants to bother. When the
election is over alot comment about it, but wouldn,t accept a nominations or
nominate themselves on time. My experience come from being a club secretary
nominated I accepted proudly, there were objections because my
brother-in-law was the vp, and many other relatives in the rank and file
They pleaded for another to be nominated no one want the job of coarse,
finially a new member who had not been a member or paid dues was talked into
it. He got he postion, left with all the paper work and records of breedings
awards and such never returning to hold the job. All would have been lost
but they found him and retrived the records.Guess who got he job, without
the vote.Truly the people who accept these postions need to be comended, its
not all fun and games but work. Work only special people will perform gladly
my hat is off to those who choose.

    Does it will
    Ron Coon
    Rcoon at buckeye-express_com

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