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NFC: Re: Re: panfish, gamefish, baitfish


      Thanks for the info, it did help clear things up. The weather in this
part of PA has been really nice, southeastern part of the state, so very
soon I'll start my season of collecting.

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Subject: NFC: Re: panfish, gamefish, baitfish

> There is not size limit on Sunfish or catfish in PA, and small ones are
> considered baitfish and fall under the regs of baitfish collection, which
> PA is no seines bigger than 4'x4' and if you leave a trap unattended it
> have your name, address, and phone number on it. A regular fishing license
> is all thats needed. Also the fish commision is more than happy for people
> to remove small bluegills and other sunfish since they get so
> in most areas.
> Wally
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> > Could someone from Pennsylvania clear something up, for me. I'm a bit
> confused about exactly what is considered game fish. Are all panfish,
> gamefish and if so, then the only way to collect them would be with a
> fishing rod, using a net would be illegal.
> > When I went collecting last year, the first time I ever did, was I
> breaking the law when I netted small, one inch long sunfish and bullheads.
> >
> Terry
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