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   Having babies is a hoot isnt it ? As for the list
being slow I think its fairly normal this time of year
.Once in a while there will be a spurt of chatter and
then everyone goes back to pre-spring hibernation
.Most areas its too cold for collecting .Just keep
telling them about your collecting and make them
jealous ...If anyone is awake.
--- PrplShark at aol_com wrote:
> On the last collecting trip I made, and wrote about,
> I found a good cluster 
> of Amber colored egg's in a small sized hyacinth. I
> placed the egg's in a 10g 
> hopefully to get them to hatch. I figured that I
> could at least get a good 
> culture of the scuds out of the roots if nothing
> happened with the eggs. 
> I remember reading about channel cat's having yellow
> eggs, and then turning 
> brownish towards hatching time, and that's what I
> hoped I had, or another 
> kind of fish. I also seen a carcass of what I
> believed to a tadpole madtom, 
> so I was hoping for some eggs of a spawn of them
> too. I don't know what color 
> eggs they have though.
> Well, this morning I seen something move quickly in
> the tank, and decided to 
> inspect it. Well, I observed 25plus free-swimming
> fry, and all appear 
> healthy. That culture of vinegar eel's will now be
> put to good use, as will 
> the seed shrimp, daphnia and cyplop's. I've been
> feeding these to a lone fry 
> I also have, from the same trip, that is in a 2 1/2g
> tank. It is feeding 
> 24/7, whenever it wants to, and is doing well. 
> Being that I joined the breeder's club, will this be
> included in the point's? 
> Are there point's? I never heard back on this except
> that I was excepted. 
> Also something that I wanted to bring up. I have
> been to the NFC chatroom, 
> and joined in hopes to talk to those of you on this
> board. So far I've been 
> there for 4 weeks, and nobody has been there from
> here. I've seen only one 
> person there in all that time, and he was from
> NANFA. I know that people have 
> a life other than the chat room, but I have not seen
> anybody there. I hope 
> that I meet some of you there. This is an invite to
> all of you, and I hope to 
> see and talk to some of you there!
>     Victor
> Prplshark at aol_com

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas

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