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On the last collecting trip I made, and wrote about, I found a good cluster 
of Amber colored egg's in a small sized hyacinth. I placed the egg's in a 10g 
hopefully to get them to hatch. I figured that I could at least get a good 
culture of the scuds out of the roots if nothing happened with the eggs. 
I remember reading about channel cat's having yellow eggs, and then turning 
brownish towards hatching time, and that's what I hoped I had, or another 
kind of fish. I also seen a carcass of what I believed to a tadpole madtom, 
so I was hoping for some eggs of a spawn of them too. I don't know what color 
eggs they have though.
Well, this morning I seen something move quickly in the tank, and decided to 
inspect it. Well, I observed 25plus free-swimming fry, and all appear 
healthy. That culture of vinegar eel's will now be put to good use, as will 
the seed shrimp, daphnia and cyplop's. I've been feeding these to a lone fry 
I also have, from the same trip, that is in a 2 1/2g tank. It is feeding 
24/7, whenever it wants to, and is doing well. 
Being that I joined the breeder's club, will this be included in the point's? 
Are there point's? I never heard back on this except that I was excepted. 
Also something that I wanted to bring up. I have been to the NFC chatroom, 
and joined in hopes to talk to those of you on this board. So far I've been 
there for 4 weeks, and nobody has been there from here. I've seen only one 
person there in all that time, and he was from NANFA. I know that people have 
a life other than the chat room, but I have not seen anybody there. I hope 
that I meet some of you there. This is an invite to all of you, and I hope to 
see and talk to some of you there!
Prplshark at aol_com