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Re: NFC: Bullhead Breeding Info Needed

    I dont know about spawning in a tank but I do know
they have a lot of parental care . As a kid we would
collect bullhead fry by watching for a cloud of them
in the water , throwing a stone in the water near them
causing them to rush together in a ball of fry and
then dipping them out with a long handled net . One or
more of the parents would be in the area to guard them
.In the wild a large saucer shaped nest is scooped out
of the bottom .Several hundred eggs are laid . The
young are guarded untill about 2" long .
--- Ty <tyhall at mia_net> wrote:
> I have two Yellow Bullheads and they appear to be
> preparing to mate. My question
> is, what can I do to facilitate them and ensure
> survival of the fry? Do they
> have parental tendencies or should I remove the
> eggs/fry as soon as possible to
> avoid being eaten.
> Ty

Bill Hoppe
Yellville Arkansas

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