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NFC: fishes bred

heterandria formosa
blackbanded sunnies
bluespotted sunnies
dollar sunnies
ellasoma evergladi'
ellasoma bohlkei
ellasoma zonatum
ellasoma okeefenokee
southern redbelly dace
flagfin shiners
sailfin shiners
longear sunfish
orangespot sunnies
leptolucania ommatta
fundulus cingulatus
fundulus chrysotus

I;ll be tearing down my tanks in the next month or so. If someone would
like to help me I would be glad to give them some fishes for their
efforts ! I owe a box to Klaus and Bill Hodgkiss but will have plenty of
extras Im sure . Id also like to go collecting once or twice befor I
leave the area .

Robert Rice
NFC president