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Re: NFC: Re: Collecting and BP...ETC

> It's just not unusual for such threads to occur in a non-profit, mostly
> volunteer activity.  "What" Chris is asking for seems reasonable to me and
> can certainly be answered within a week.  "How" he asked gives me the
> impression that there's some background/history to which the rest of us
> not be privy.  Machs nicht.

Thank you.  I do feel that my requests were reasonable and realistic.  I do
apologize if my initial requests came off improperly, as that was not
intended and there was no ulterior motive.  However, the resistance I have
been met with has caused frustration and has made me wonder why there is
such resistance.

> I think the questions are realistic and the answers should be
forthcoming -
> but not tonight or even tomorrow.  Robert, since you are obviously
> the load, I think it reasonable to take a week to 10 days to respond.

I can definitely live with that, with respect to the financial report.

However, several of the other points I have raised should be (according to
the bylaws, not me!) ongoing activities.

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