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NFC: Collecting and BP...ETC

Wow, this is kind of getting negative.  I don't think that either of you 
meant to 'slam' on the other, maybe I am getting my signals crossed, but it 
seems that is happening.  Chris, why are you defending yourself?  It sounds 
like you are shooting back defences to comments that Robert 
made....Anyway...Maybe what we should do as far as local involvment is have 
the 'club heads' send out some suggestions, maybe post local ways to get 
involved on the website?  I have no clue where to start, as far as 
collecting and conservation, etc.  I tried looking in the local rivers 
(Western Washington) and found nothing.  Just some nice looking plants.  
Suggestions?  Greg

Christian J Hedemark writes: 

>> I didnt ignore him.. What exactly would you like to discuss ?
> "Him" is "me".  I made a number of points in the email that Jake responded
> to (which you in turn responded to) but you never responded to my original
> message.  In it I made some general observations that I think deserved some
> attention, as well as specific requests.  I'm not trying to be adversarial,
> but I think there are some things that are reasonable of dues-paying members
> to expect from "the club" as in the officers.  I think it SHOULD come from
> the treasurer but if the treasurer can't or won't then it goes up the chain
> from there. 
>> I sent a note to the list explaining the differences between the NFC and
>> NANFA as I see them . That was what he asked about. That is what I talked
>> about
> I was asking more along the lines of what happens to dues when they are sent
> in, and what happens to $$, fish, and equipment when it gets sent out to
> people for AAT and the BP.  Also to what extent resources are flowing into
> or from the ERP. 
>> So id appreciate the courtesy of not impling Im hiding something ,being
>> evil or disingenious.
> Maybe you missed my post, I'll give you that.  I'll resend it as a courtesy
> to you and just ask that you address the points that I made in there.  this
> wasn't meant to be adversarial, Robert, and it doesn't have to be.  My
> questions I think were very reasonable. 
>> Also I dont think Jake is my supporter he is an NFC supporter. Guess what
>> Chris its not about me and Id be happy if you or others would take a role
>> nationally or locally.
> I, too, am an NFC supporter.  Not only do I pay my dues, but supposedly I
> donated a substantial box of fish to the BP (which I don't know what ever
> happened to). 
> As for locally, not through the NFC, but as Vice President of a regional All
> Terrain Vehicle club I went out with a group of members to a national forest
> in North Carolina and personally helped to build some log bridges across
> creeks that are part of Jeep trails in the forest, so the Jeep tires would
> not disturb the mountain stream.  I did that as a leader of my ATV club, and
> someone who is concerned about the downstream effects of driving 4x4's
> through pristine mountain streams.  I am also a local leader in ministry
> services.  I am also a local leader in a technical organization that I
> helped to get off the ground.  I'm also going to be a father in a few days.
> There are only so many ways that I can be a leader.  As thinly spread as I
> am, I'm STILL willing to roll up my sleeves and get dirty for this club but
> I just don't have the time & resources to be a local LEADER for the NFC.  If
> one of the other central North Carolina folks wants to step up and lead,
> organizing  events, etc. I will do my darndest to be an active supporter of
> that so long as it doesn't interfere with an event that I have committed to
> for one of my other organizations.  I'm sorry I can't be a regional director
> or whatever is being asked but I *am* willing to get my hands dirty as it
> were.  I have also gotten a tank set up at a local school, but the teachers
> seemed to have lost interest and don't return my calls or emails anymore so
> I ass-ume the tank went belly up before it really got underway. 
> On a national level, while not recently, I did help out with the
> nativefish.org web site awhile back as well as running the mailing lists for
> awhile while JW was unavailable.  There were some other activities that I
> did try to get involved with and admittedly didn't quite have the time to
> see them through.  I'm not as active as you or some other members but I have
> definitely chipped in more than my annual membership, and remain willing to
> do more under someone else's local leadership. 
> Anyway, I'm going to re-send that message to the list, and Robert I am
> especially hoping you will read the points I make in it and address them
> directly.  I don't imagine you have the figures handy at the moment but
> speaking in general figures for the time being will at least help get us in
> the right direction. 
> Regards,
> Pastor Chris 

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