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Re: NFC: Answering R.J.'s questions and asking some more of my own

I didnt ignore him.. What exactly would you like to discuss ? 

I sent a note to the list explaining the differences between the NFC and
NANFA as I see them . That was what he asked about. That is what I talked

So id appreciate the courtesy of not impling Im hiding something ,being
evil or disingenious.

Also I dont think Jake is my supporter he is an NFC supporter. Guess what
Chris its not about me and Id be happy if you or others would take a role
nationally or locally.

Robert Rice
NFC president

On Mon, 26 Nov 2001 16:39:21 -0500 "Christian J Hedemark"
<chris at yonderway_com> writes:
> Robert, you addressed your supporter but ignored the guy asking the 
> tough
> questions.  I'd appreciate the courtesy of you taking some time to 
> answer
> the key points I made, especially those aimed at the club officers.