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NFC: Fw: Help!

more help :)

Robert Rice
NFC president

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Date: Tue, 30 Oct 2001 20:30:28 -0600
Subject: Help!
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Hello, Mr. Rice!

First, I'm new to the world of aquarium fish in general and native fish
in particular (as noted below).  Before I forget, I want to tell you how
much I enjoyed your article "Eulogy to a Ditch."  I chanced upon the
piece while searching the NFC articles for information on Heterandria
formosa.  The article was just fantastic!  It helped me remember so many
similar situations that I've seen over the years . . . live bait fish
littered in a paved parking lot (why?), "inconsequential" ecosystems
destroyed without regard or thought, etc, etc.  I know you're busy so
I'll leave it at that.

I just joined the NFC about a week ago now, and I'm fishing (no pun
intended) for information.  I'm receiving the daily email digest,
although I'm not sure how it originates or how to become involved.  My
first attempt at contacting was an email to Bill Duuz (copied below).  I
haven't received an answer as yet, assuming that he actually received the
email and it didn't get lost in cyberspace somewhere.  So, I thought I'd
forward that email on to you as another stumbling, bumbling attempt at
"reaching out."

Thank you for your assistance and, again, thank you for "Eulogy to a


Larry W. Koontz
Nashville TN
creativeworks at peoplepc_com

Hello, Bill!

I just joined the NFC ( as in like 5 minutes ago), so I hope I'm going
about this in the appropriate manner.

I guess I'm looking for affirmation-advice-ideas on my initial plan of

I'm interested in beginning with Heterandria formosa (Least Killifish). 
Right now I'm considering purchasing a 10-gallon tank about mid-November
and stocking it with plants and leaving it run in that condition for a
couple of weeks.  At that point I'd like to put in 2-3 pairs of Het's (no
other fish) and let the tank develop from there.  That means I would be
trying to get the fish about Thanksgiving at the earliest.  I won't be
able to obtain them here (Nashville TN).

So . . . I'm wondering if 1. the basic plan is sound; 2. any advice on
plants; 3. any advice on obtaining the fish.

Most of what I've decided up to this point as been based on articles from
your web site and the book Native North American Fishes for the Home

Oh, yes, any advice on filters because of the small size of the Het's?  I
remember reading somewhere that a power filter might actually suck them
up the tubing.  Also, I guess, an under gravel filter is not advisable
because of live plants.  (I'm going to try and follow some of the advice
in Ecology of the Planted Aquarium: A Practical Manual and Scientific
Thesis etc  (I think I'm remembering the title correctly because I don't
have access to the book right now).

Sorry to bother you . . . and I hope this is the right way to begin
contacts with the NFC.  If not, my apologies and simply direct me to the
right method.

Thanks in advance for your time, assistance and quick response.

Larry W. Koontz
creativeworks at peoplepc_com

Nashville TN 

The CreativeWorks Group

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