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NFC: Re: Fw: Help!

Well I have several tanks of hets going right now. The most succesful one is
also the most low tech. It is just a bare bottomed 10 gallon tank that is
wall to wall java-moss on the bottom 1/3 and then wall to wall Najas Grass
on the top
2/3rds. I also have a huge crop of duck weed growing on the surface. I do
not have any filtration at all on this tank (besides the plants)and I do not
have an air stone or anything else just let it go. I do a small water change
about once a month and top off the tank when it needs it. I also "harvest"
about a cup of duck weed every 10-14 days, this helps out quite a bit with
nitrates I think. All that is in the tank is the hets and a population of
"junk" ramshorn snails that came in on some of the plants. This was the very
first tank I set up in my new fish room back in the spring and I set it up
before I got my air system up and running. I had planned on using a sponge
filter but never added it. I started it off with 5 large females and 3 males
that were a gift from a friend collected in Cape Fear N.C. I bet now I have
close to 100 fish in there with more tiny babies comming every day.

I feed them 3X a day. Once with flake food, and 2X with micro worms. So far
so good.

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> more help :)
> Robert Rice
> NFC president
> www.nativefish.org
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> Hello, Mr. Rice!
> First, I'm new to the world of aquarium fish in general and native fish
> in particular (as noted below).  Before I forget, I want to tell you how
> much I enjoyed your article "Eulogy to a Ditch."  I chanced upon the
> piece while searching the NFC articles for information on Heterandria
> formosa.  The article was just fantastic!  It helped me remember so many
> similar situations that I've seen over the years . . . live bait fish
> littered in a paved parking lot (why?), "inconsequential" ecosystems
> destroyed without regard or thought, etc, etc.  I know you're busy so
> I'll leave it at that.
> I just joined the NFC about a week ago now, and I'm fishing (no pun
> intended) for information.  I'm receiving the daily email digest,
> although I'm not sure how it originates or how to become involved.  My
> first attempt at contacting was an email to Bill Duuz (copied below).  I
> haven't received an answer as yet, assuming that he actually received the
> email and it didn't get lost in cyberspace somewhere.  So, I thought I'd
> forward that email on to you as another stumbling, bumbling attempt at
> "reaching out."
> Thank you for your assistance and, again, thank you for "Eulogy to a
> Ditch."
> Larry
> Larry W. Koontz
> Nashville TN
> creativeworks at peoplepc_com
> Hello, Bill!
> I just joined the NFC ( as in like 5 minutes ago), so I hope I'm going
> about this in the appropriate manner.
> I guess I'm looking for affirmation-advice-ideas on my initial plan of
> action.
> I'm interested in beginning with Heterandria formosa (Least Killifish).
> Right now I'm considering purchasing a 10-gallon tank about mid-November
> and stocking it with plants and leaving it run in that condition for a
> couple of weeks.  At that point I'd like to put in 2-3 pairs of Het's (no
> other fish) and let the tank develop from there.  That means I would be
> trying to get the fish about Thanksgiving at the earliest.  I won't be
> able to obtain them here (Nashville TN).
> So . . . I'm wondering if 1. the basic plan is sound; 2. any advice on
> plants; 3. any advice on obtaining the fish.
> Most of what I've decided up to this point as been based on articles from
> your web site and the book Native North American Fishes for the Home
> Aquarium.
> Oh, yes, any advice on filters because of the small size of the Het's?  I
> remember reading somewhere that a power filter might actually suck them
> up the tubing.  Also, I guess, an under gravel filter is not advisable
> because of live plants.  (I'm going to try and follow some of the advice
> in Ecology of the Planted Aquarium: A Practical Manual and Scientific
> Thesis etc  (I think I'm remembering the title correctly because I don't
> have access to the book right now).
> Sorry to bother you . . . and I hope this is the right way to begin
> contacts with the NFC.  If not, my apologies and simply direct me to the
> right method.
> Thanks in advance for your time, assistance and quick response.
> Larry W. Koontz
> creativeworks at peoplepc_com
> Nashville TN
> The CreativeWorks Group
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