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Re: NFC: hobbyists helping to restore endangered natives

--- Thomas DeWitt <tdewitt at tamu_edu> wrote:
> Bryce,
> Clark Hubbs is famous for keeping large colonies of
> gambusias endemic to Texas.  Several of these fish
> are known from only a single spring, and often the
> springs are in use by humans as water sources. 
> Hubbs has purportedly repopulated natural
> populations from his stocks when the springs got low
> enough to crash the natural populations.
> Note in this case Hubbs is a professor (at U TX in
> Austin) and so he is only arguably a hobbyist.  Yet
> hobbyists could do what he does.
> Thom DeWitt
Yes, Dr. Hubbs is very intense about his odd
gambusias. A group called Conservation Fisheries Inc
in Knoxville TN is also very good at keeping rare
fishes. When the fishes breed, they can be released
into the right streams. But they have government
permits and grants. 

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama

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