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Re: NFC: Auction ID questions

I am thinking it's an ostracod (sp?).  They love to graze on any gunk on the 
bottom of my tank.  They will all ball up on a little flake of algae.  
Pictures really didn't help, thanks tho.

Chris Perry, Partner
E Fish Solutions
fishystuff00 at hotmail_com

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> > Could it be Ostracods ?
>Thank you for the responses. RR's suggestion seems to match Chris'
>A couple of hastily grabbed addresses off of a Google search offered
>pictures or drawings:
>Some Ostracods or seed shrimp showed up in my Daphnia cultures several 
>ago along with cyclops. Could they have been on the whiskers of mammalian
>visitors? There were quite a few from the remnant of a wetland.
>They sometimes last longer in a feeding jar than Daphnia.
>While they may compete with the Daphnia in some instances, they also seem 
>delight in working over decaying leaves and (this is especially dear to my
>heart) eradicating any of the blanket / hair Algiers that bloom in the
>spring as the Daphnia appear and before the Ostracods hatch out. The 
>may have grazed those algae, but never made a dent in them.
>All the best!

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