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NFC: French Creek NFC Chapter Update

Hello Everyone,
Just wanted to pass along what the French Creek NFC chapter in N.W. PA is doing at the local level.

I will be meeting with the director of "The French Creek Project" on Sept. 20th. The French Creek Project is a "group of groups" that is striving to protect the creek. He is very interested in the NFC having a voice in the project. The project is headquartered at Allegheny College. They have a curriculum they do with local schools that are found up and down the creek to monitor water every month, study the aquatic life in the creek and so on. Most of these schools have aquariums that are not doing to well, and they have asked me to help them with both collecting and teaching them to have more successful tanks. Of course this goes right along with our Adopt a Tank program so I am very excited about that.

We also have several newbies that will be going on our collecting trip on Sept. 22nd. that are from The Erie Aquarium Society. They are very excited about collecting for the first time and we should have a great time.

If there is no local chapter in your area why not start one? Its not that hard and you can have a big impact on your area and the fish that live there. A local chapter is what you make of it and can be most anything, even just a couple of guys who get together every now and then to fish/collect. Try it you will like it!

Corry, PA

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