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Re: NFC: Auction ID questions

> Could it be Ostracods ?

Thank you for the responses. RR's suggestion seems to match Chris'

A couple of hastily grabbed addresses off of a Google search offered
pictures or drawings:


Some Ostracods or seed shrimp showed up in my Daphnia cultures several years
ago along with cyclops. Could they have been on the whiskers of mammalian
visitors? There were quite a few from the remnant of a wetland.

They sometimes last longer in a feeding jar than Daphnia.

While they may compete with the Daphnia in some instances, they also seem to
delight in working over decaying leaves and (this is especially dear to my
heart) eradicating any of the blanket / hair Algiers that bloom in the
spring as the Daphnia appear and before the Ostracods hatch out. The Daphnia
may have grazed those algae, but never made a dent in them.

All the best!