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NFC: Fw: Re: Duckweed Away

Duckwed Update FYI
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From: "Dave & Lisa Baggaley" <baggers at gateway_net>
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Date: Wed, 25 Jul 2001 21:48:35 -0400
Subject: Re: Duckweed Away
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Hi Paul,
I'd watch out with putting in duckweed eating fish - I also thought about that & asked Bob Rice of the Native Fish Conservancy council ( www.nativefish.org ) & although there are some pretty good duckweed eating fish, some of them will also eat everything else - including your gazillions of tiny fish. - I'd check at the native fish website before dropping in any weed eaters.
The ducks should eat the weed if they are wild ducks (As long as you don't feed them bread etc! ) if they're domesticated ducks they'll look nice, but not help with your work.
Bob & I have stocked my pond with a few native Floridian fish fry that will eat some weed & we've also planted some grasses that will grow in preference to the algae & weed when the fertilizer off everyone's lawns runs off into the pond again this year.
So far I've not had to work on the pond since Christmas & I've had my 1st crop of apples & blueberries fertilized by the 50 wheelbarrowloads of weed & algae that I removed last year !!
Good Luck with your skimming.
Dave Bag
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From: Paul Prno
To: baggers at gateway_net
Sent: Saturday, July 21, 2001 3:09 PM
Subject: Duckweed Away

I read about your inventions with appreciation and optimistic anitcipation.   We have (although of recent I struggle with the present tense) a beautiful pond which, until this year, was duckweed free.  It seems to grow more duckweed by the hour.  Like you, we have spent hours trying to harvest the surface, but to no avail. 
We will most definitely try your invention.
We have approximately 200 brown and rainbow trout, 20 ducks and gazillions of tiny fish, (the origin and names of which we do not know).   If you have similar pond inhabitants and have found a compatible duckweed eating fish, we'd sure like to hear.
In any event, thank you for the time you took to innovate and for sharing.
Ellen & Paul
Waterdown, Ontario