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Re: NFC: blue pike stuff

a few years ago they caused a lot of concern in tennessees lakes and rivers.
if my memory serves me they were establishing colonies on dam gates and
interfering with the gates operation. i've seen several references to them
for filtration of the small closed koi ponds. that may be where this "good"
aspect comes from. i know they're not welcome in tennessees lakes and
rivers. are they foreign (non usa)???
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> <<  I don't think that the Zebra mussels can be considered all bad
>  One good effect, as I understand it is that
>  As filter feeders they seem to have had a major impact on cleaning up the
>  water pollution
>   >>
> A couple of years ago, I hosted  Indiana's non-game aquatic life biologist
> Brant Fisher to give a public talk in conjunction with the Adopt A Tank I
> have at the library.  Forgive me for not being able to recall his specific
> reasons, but I clearly recall him saying zebra mussels were something he
> found nothing good to say about.
> Chuck Church
> Indianapolis, Indiana

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