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Re: NFC: blue pike stuff

--- flatwood <flatwood at bellsouth_net> wrote:
> a few years ago they caused a lot of concern in
> tennessees lakes and rivers.
> if my memory serves me they were establishing
> colonies on dam gates and
> interfering with the gates operation. i've seen
> several references to them
> for filtration of the small closed koi ponds. that
> may be where this "good"
> aspect comes from. i know they're not welcome in
> tennessees lakes and
> rivers. are they foreign (non usa)???
Zebra mussels are native to northern Europe. They are
not a problem there because they have predators. The
only known predator of zebra mussels in North America
is the ruddy duck. The mussels have population
explosions that result in super-filtration of water.
You will find that this results in a collapsed food
chain; no green algae = no zooplankton = no big fish.
But the water will look nice.

Boo Radley, Saraland, Alabama (not in Monroe County)

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