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Re: NFC: Aquarium backgrounds

Doug Dame wrote:


> I don't think of a black background as making the tank "dreary," I think it makes the background disappear. And thus the viewer's attention is focused on the artistic arrangement of fish, plants. lighting, and/or slime algae etc. you've provided for their consideration and amusement.

That last one is my specialty, too! <VBG>

Tom Barr (and others in the Aquatic Plant Digest world) likes to silicone
cork panels inside the back. They are dark and decorative, and plants can be
attached with little stainless wire lengths, used like staples. The 1/2"
thick decorative wall panel can be used, or the less-flat pieces available
from an orchid house. The flat ones can be sculptured a bit with a Dremel
tool to keep them from looking quite so planar.

For plants, Anubias and Java Fern are primo, but Java moss can be useful,
too. Basically any plant that does not need to be rooted can be used, but
the duckweed takes a few too many staples, for me. ;-)


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