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Re: NFC: Aquarium backgrounds

Larry writes: 

>>  No one happens to know if spray paint will 
>>  damage plexiglass do they?  I'm wondering 
>>  if any of the chemicals in the paint could 
>>  possibly have an affect on the surface of the 
>>  plexi.  

I don't know the answer to that, I've never owned any plexi-glass tanks. 

Obviously it would probably be prudent to get  a small piece of scrap of plexi-glass and try painting it as a pre-test to see how things would work on the real stuff. 

But even if it did pit the surface of the plexi-glass, that wouldn't necessarily be entirely a bad thing, perhaps. It would probably give the paint a better surface to cling to, and might give the background a subtle textural quality that was interesting. It would however probably also make it harder to remove the black at some point in the future and re-do the background as say yellow.

I don't think of a black background as making the tank "dreary," I think it makes the background disappear. And thus the viewer's attention is focused on the artistic arrangement of fish, plants. lighting, and/or slime algae etc. you've provided for their consideration and amusement. 


Doug Dame
Interlachen FL