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Re: NFC: Continuing my weird wild life day

Re the Canadians, it pretty much depends on whether
they are wild, or if they have moved into the 'burbs,
upstate NY now has a resident population that mainly
winters over, they have mostly showed a lot of
tolerance for humans 'using their territory'. Trying
to grab a gosling would be a no-brainer, but other
then that I have seen the parents stand quietly by
while the goslings are handfed. Unless the parent
decides they want the treat instead. I have stopped
and 'shooed' goslings off the road without the parents
reacting, but have also watched several parents gang
maul a cat that was lucky to escape. All in all I
enjoy them, there is a couple pairs at the beaver pond
where I walk daily, they stopped alarming months ago
and ignore me as I walk by, I'm looking forward to
seeing the goslings anyday now.
--- Kristine Weisbrod Massin <kwmprairie at hotmail_com>
> I don't know about Canada geese (though everyone in
> my family still has 
> scars on their legs from my grandmother's nasty
> domestic geese...until 
> grandpa chopped their heads off & we ate 'em :)
> nothing like being a farm 
> girl!) but there are several cases of mute swans (a
> nasty non-native brought 
> in by well-meaning idiots 'cause they're so pretty)
> drowning swimmers who 
> came to close to their nests or young.
> -kris
> (oh, yes, harrassing a migratory bird *is* a federal
> offense, but if they 
> don't migrate, most of us have lost all respect for
> them)
> >From: "Larry" <lbn at iceprototyping_com>
> >Reply-To: nfc at actwin_com
> >To: <nfc at actwin_com>
> >Subject: Re: NFC: Continuing my weird wild life day
> >Date: Mon, 14 May 2001 18:57:09 -0500
> >
> >LMAO...now that's a great story.  Growing up on a
> lake in Michigan Canadian
> >Geese would constantly come up in our laws and make
> awful messes.  We
> >learned very young, not to mess with those things. 
> The 15 pound looking
> >mother goose in the water looks like a 150 pound
> ape when you try to mess
> >with its babies on land.  We heard all sorts of
> urban legends of people
> >having their arms broken and the like by Canadian
> Geese.  I'd have to half
> >believe it as mean as I've seen them.
> >
> >Thanks for the laugh,
> >Larry
> >
> > > As a young (and uh, dumb) adult, I thought it
> would be novel to capture 
> >a
> >wild Canadian Goose chick from along side the
> Yellowstone River.  Hmmm,
> >probably a federal crime in the making, if I don't
> miss my bet...As I
> >approached, the mother goose hissed & arched her
> neck, but I, being of the
> >great homo sapiens species, knew she would run from
> me as soon as I got
> >close enough. Because, as we all know, all critters
> have come to fear
> >mankind, right?  Wrong!!  That ol' mother goose
> beat the crap out of me 
> >with
> >her wings (I did get my hands on a gosling, however
> temporarily) and then
> >she and her babies proceeded to outrun me to the
> river. Once they reached
> >the river, the humiliation was complete as my first
> step was into some soft
> >muck/mud and my next was a faceplant into said
> muck/mud. All of a sudden, I
> >had absolutely no desire to catch one of those
> "cute" little butterballs.
> >Nope, none whatsoever!  And, standing over by our
> car, my worthless, beer
> >drinking buddies couldn't stop l!
> > > !
> > > aughing.  Somehow, at the time,
> > > it didn't seem so funny to me.
> > >
> > > Bruce Scott
> > > Meridian, Idaho
> > >
> >
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