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NFC: Environmentally concious 4x4 owners

Last sunday I brought 4 other members of my ATV club and met up with a
number of people from the CORE and CNC 4x4 clubs at Uwharrie National Forest
near Eldorado, NC.   Uwharrie NF is one of the biggest stomping grounds in
the southeastern US for recreational 4x4 drivers, ATV enthusiasts, horseback
riders, hikers, bikers, hunters, and other outdoor enthusiasts.  The many
trails that wind through the NF cross many stream beds.  I don't think there
is any argument about the disruptiveness of hundreds of ORV's per day
crossing a mountain stream.  But barring access to the park isn't fair
either, is it?

So what to do?

Visitors to the NF will now notice a series of primitive bridges constructed
over stream crossings on the popular trail system.  Previous visits by our
volunteers constructed fencing to ensure that park visitors did not stray
from the established trails.  Stream crossings will no longer displace rocks
or sediment, or continue to erode the stream beds.

Groups like the Sierra Club would love to block access to everyone but
themselves.  You have to ask yourself though what can you do to preserve
outdoor recreational opportunities without adversely impacting the
environment.  What can you do to help?

PATVA will be back at Uwharrie NF next month to construct more bridges under
the supervision of the USFS rangers.

Chris Hedemark - Hillsborough, NC
Vice President - Piedmont ATV Assoc. - http://yonderway.com/patva
1990 Ford Bronco XLT - 1996 Ford Mustang GT -2001 Arctic Cat 500 4x4