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Re: NFC: Water Moccassin attack....

like I said, I'm a little cynical about kids these days.  I used to like 
kids...I still like school groups but I'd like to drown most of the last 
Scouts I've had to work with.  If I hear one more story about herding a 
snake with rocks to get it out in the open or stealing a bird flegling to 
raise then being surprised when it dies, I think I'll lose it.  Ummm, well, 
actually I did lose it at the last group of Boy Scouts.

Logically I know snakes can be agressive--especially during the breeding 
season as Robert pointed out--we only handle one of my females when there 
are two people (and she's not very big), but my emotions tell me children 
(especially boys 'at that age'...no offense Robert) are mischevious at best, 
demonic at worst.

Just curious, but I assume fish are a water mcsn's favorite food, but do 
they also eat other things, ie salamanders, frogs, water birds, etc ?
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