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Re: NFC: Water Moccassin attack....

Imagine the world in which a water moccasin lives.  If your not trying to
eat it, it's trying to eat you.  Darn right they're mean.  I caught
hundreds, if not thousands of snakes as a kid.  The very meanest snakes that
seemed to never take taming (aside from blue-racers) are ANY snake that
lives an/near the water.  They're all mean as sin...but I've never been
actually struck at or bitten unless the snake was cornered or I had it
trapped.  I walked right on top of three water moccasins just the other
day...they shot into the water so fast it was unbelievable.  They would
always much rather avoid confrontation.

I was one of those little bastard types at one time... :)

> like I said, I'm a little cynical about kids these days.  I used to like
> kids...I still like school groups but I'd like to drown most of the last
> Scouts I've had to work with.  If I hear one more story about herding a
> snake with rocks to get it out in the open or stealing a bird flegling to
> raise then being surprised when it dies, I think I'll lose it.  Ummm,
> actually I did lose it at the last group of Boy Scouts.
> Logically I know snakes can be agressive--especially during the breeding
> season as Robert pointed out--we only handle one of my females when there
> are two people (and she's not very big), but my emotions tell me children
> (especially boys 'at that age'...no offense Robert) are mischevious at
> demonic at worst.
> Just curious, but I assume fish are a water mcsn's favorite food, but do
> they also eat other things, ie salamanders, frogs, water birds, etc ?
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