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NFC: Fw: Blue spotted sunfish

Robert Rice 
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From: "Jeremy Goodson" <jgoodson at acropolis_com>
To: <robertrice at juno_com>
Date: Fri, 11 May 2001 12:31:37 -0700
Subject: Blue spotted sunfish
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Hi Robert, I found your name on the internet, on the "native fish wish
list".  I am interested in receiving and keeping 4 or 5 blue spotted
sunfish.  Are you still able to get these little fish?  If so, can you
them to California and will you ship only 4 or five?  I have never
live fish in this manner, but I am very interested in keeping these
I hope you can fill me in on your purchasing protocol and that we can do

Let me know what you think, if it is possible I would like to set
up soon.

Jeremy Goodson