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Re: Planting ferns on corkboard? Was -> Re: NFC: Fw: a message from Robert Redford

Larry wrote:

Thanks for the plain text. Yea! I can read again! ;-)

> Wright, you mentioned planting ferns in the cork board?  At first I thought
> you meant outside of the tank.  Do you get seeds or something?  This sounds
> interesting but I know nothing about it.  Any websites???

This is probably covered in the archives of the Aquatic Plants Digest, and
maybe in the Krib.

Use stainless wire or staples to attach Java fern starts or Java moss to the
cork. Anubias works, too, as it doesn't want its corms buried. [Inside works
way better. Keeps them from drying out, so much. <G>]

As Scott, I think, pointed out, regular cork bark, as used by the Orchid
folks looks neater than the flat panels of burnt cork. Just be prepared to
buy *way* more than you ever need, if you have to order a whole bale.

Painting should be no problem. You have to start with an empty tank, anyway,
to do the cork properly. [Don't try to paint around a tank with fish or
water in it, anyway.]


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