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Planting ferns on corkboard? Was -> Re: NFC: Fw: a message from Robert Redford

First off, sorry for the MIME a while back.  As a computer scientist I
really ought to know better.  But Microsoft is just dug too deep into
society.  A business that successful has to be a monopoly :)

Wright, you mentioned planting ferns in the cork board?  At first I thought
you meant outside of the tank.  Do you get seeds or something?  This sounds
interesting but I know nothing about it.  Any websites???

Scott Olson accidentally :) sent some useful info.  I just have reservations
about painting the plexi-glass...that...and the tank and stand weigh nearly
a ton and masking and spraying between the wall and stuff...well...you know.
I was hoping someone had an idea of something that would spread on
temporarily that wouldn't hurt anything...maybe I'll just put a couple jars
of peanut butter back there :)

As far as the below message, I think you have a good idea 'Boo.'  I just
doubt all the bodies Clinton buried out there are deep enough to compress
into oil in this short of time.  If so, it might be just enough for all the
liberal yuppies to drive their SUV's to Washington to protest the next up
and coming "Save <insert something green here> fad."

> Hey, that's a good idea! Maybe you can help poor old
> George W drill for oil on the White House front lawn
> while you're at it. I assume that you are also a good
> friend of native fishes (not fish!) on this continent.
> Boo Radley
> Saraland, Alabama
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