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Re: NFC: Filterless Aquariums.

With only topping off tanks, you can have a 'stable'
system, but one that makes introduction of fish or
removing them to another system very difficult, the
fish in this system are acclimated to a very different
water then ones in system with regular water changes.
The chances of fish from this system going to a store
or other hobbyists tanks and making the change well is
less then the systems with regular water changes.
--- Doug Dame <dameda at shands_ufl.edu> wrote:
> Charles A. (dakota at mindspring_com) wrote: 
> >>   ... and  dont forget... Water changes, Water 
> >>   changes and perhaps maybe ..... Water 
> >>   changes.....
> I know I can be funny about these things ... but
> what I think you're describing isn't a "filterless
> aquarium" in the conventional sense ... you have a
> bio-filter going on. 
> It's a man-powered mechanism, of course, but it is
> an externally powered system that removes toxic
> products by an active and ongoing process of
> dilution.  
> And I have a number of killie-tanks using exactly
> this process, so I know it's workable if the
> fish-keeper has the time and discipline to keep up
> with it ... but "filterless" in this sense is not
> synonymous with "low maintenance," it's really a
> high maintenance approach in terms of time expended.
> In contrast, the more standard view of "filterless"
> means a heavy reliance on plants to purify the
> water, as perhaps best exemplified by some of Diane
> Walstad's examples in her book "Ecology of the
> Planted Aquarium : A Practical Manual and Scientific
> Treatise for the Home Aquarist."  My recollection is
> that she states that in many of her tanks (lots of
> plants and light to moderate fish loads) she does
> water changes as infrequently as once every six
> months.
> It's kinda like computer systems, really.
> Cheap.  Effective.  Easy.
> Pick any two.
> Doug Dame
> Interlachen FL

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