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NFC: Re: Filterless Aquariums.

Charles A. wrote: 

>>   ***********Please NOTE******
>> I am not disagreeing with you Doug or anyone else 
>>  here.. I am only presenting a point of view and certainly 
>>  know that everyone has their own idea of how to run their 
> > systems.... I do enjoy hearing other's viewpoints

I wouldn't have taken it that way if you hadn't said it explicitly. 
And we're in total agreement (well, I think we are <g>) about each individual having to figure what "works for them." Under normal/ideal circumstances, I do 60% water changes twice a week on my tanks that depend on the "human-powered removal/dilution filtration technology." (Henceforth to be cryptonym-ically referenced as HPRDFT.) For example, I have aspirations of getting native fish tanks in some of relative's houses, but I gar-ron-tee that HPRDFT will not be part of the deal for them, if/when it ever happens. To them, that's not "easy", that's a WHOLE LOT more work than they're willing/able to put into it. 

Doug Dame
Interlachen Fla
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