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NFC: Re: Filterless Aquariums.

>>It's a man-powered mechanism, of course, but it is an externally powered
system >>that removes toxic products by an active and ongoing process of
Yes and in nature do we not find the same going on with rain/floods, lakes
turning over and such ?

>>And I have a number of killie-tanks using exactly this process, so I know
it's >>workable if the fish-keeper has the time and discipline to keep up
with it ... but >>"filterless" in this sense is not synonymous with "low
maintenance," it's really a >>high maintenance approach in terms of time
I agree here also but would like to add that I am not looking for a
system as such but a more "hands on" type system to keep the kids involved
with how's and why's of water chemistry and bioload type things.

>>In contrast, the more standard view of "filterless" means a heavy reliance
on >>plants to purify the water, as perhaps best exemplified by some of
Diane >>Walstad's examples in her book "Ecology of the Planted Aquarium : A
Practical >>Manual and Scientific Treatise for the Home Aquarist."  My
recollection is that she >>states that in many of her tanks (lots of plants
and light to moderate fish loads) >>she does water changes as infrequently
as once every six months.
Water changes every six months? What about topping off a tank? that would
get us back to the dilution theory would it not? and if so, why do the water
changes at all?
I have a 55 Gal that I only do top-offs with plant fertelizer and water with
a one-third change every 2-3 months and have not had any signs of distress
with fish or plants.
***********Please NOTE******
I am not disagreeing with you Doug or anyone else here.. I am only
presenting a point of view and certainly know that everyone has their own
idea of how to run their systems.... I do enjoy hearing other's viewpoints
Charles A.
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