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NFC: Re: RE: Data Base of Fish


In order for you to be able to enter data on fish collected in Fish Watch
portion of the website you need to be registered with the website itself.

You can enter data to help determine the range of a certain fish and
specific localities where it was observed.  It is very nice in helping
others that want to go out and collect their own fish find a place to go, as
well as give data for researchers in gathering field data.

Chris Guppenberger
Research Nerd
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Sent: Friday, February 02, 2001 5:44 PM
Subject: NFC: RE: Data Base of Fish

> Hi Chris,  FishBase has been around for quite a while.  In fact, if you've
> ever accessed the Master Index of Freshwater Fish
> http://www.webcityof.com/mifftitl.htm  there are links to FishBase where
> possible, the link is a little picture of a fish next to the species name.
> As a BAP chair for my local club (Tropical Fish Society of RI), I use
> sites often.  Not sure what you mean by registering. regards,  Ron
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> Subject: NFC: Data Base of Fish
> I stumbled across a website last night that has a lot of potential and can
> definitely benefit us but publishing our data on their website.
> It is http://www.fishbase.org
> Very interesting and also very unique.  The accounts are still in the low
> numbers so I guess it is relatively new. I was registered as #65. The data
> is incredible and complied very nicely I think.
> Robert... I had to scratch the hyrdilla soup thing.. I forgot I can be
> if I transport a noxious intrusive aquatic plant knowingly with the
> I hold.. So maybe will try something else.... perhaps cat tails?
> Chris Guppenberger
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