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NFC: RE: Data Base of Fish

Hi Chris,  FishBase has been around for quite a while.  In fact, if you've
ever accessed the Master Index of Freshwater Fish
http://www.webcityof.com/mifftitl.htm  there are links to FishBase where
possible, the link is a little picture of a fish next to the species name.
As a BAP chair for my local club (Tropical Fish Society of RI), I use these
sites often.  Not sure what you mean by registering. regards,  Ron
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From: Chris Guppenberger [mailto:jcguppy at gnc_net]
Sent: Tuesday, January 30, 2001 10:07 PM
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Subject: NFC: Data Base of Fish

I stumbled across a website last night that has a lot of potential and can
definitely benefit us but publishing our data on their website.
It is http://www.fishbase.org
Very interesting and also very unique.  The accounts are still in the low
numbers so I guess it is relatively new. I was registered as #65. The data
is incredible and complied very nicely I think. 
Robert... I had to scratch the hyrdilla soup thing.. I forgot I can be fined
if I transport a noxious intrusive aquatic plant knowingly with the licenses
I hold.. So maybe will try something else.... perhaps cat tails?
Chris Guppenberger
Research Redneck Biologist
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